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Catenary ship unloader

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Catenary ship unloader

  Bucket chain ship unloader is a continuous bulk ship unloading machinery that uses a chain bucket to dig materials from the cabin and unload the materials to the dock through the on-board conveyor system.

  Chain bucket ship unloader is a continuous ship unloading equipment that has developed rapidly in the past ten years. At present, Germany, Japan, and my country are all developing and producing this type of product. There are two types of chain bucket ship unloaders that have been developed in my country. One is the catenary type, which is suitable for deck barge. The chain bucket of the catenary chain bucket ship unloader has no rigid support in the reclaiming section and is overhanging. When the ship is bumped on the deck, the hopper can float up and down with the deck, so the hopper can be close to the cabin. It has the ability to clean the ship warehouse. The other is the L-shaped chain bucket ship unloader. The chain bucket digs out the material and lifts it to the top. The material is unloaded on the boom belt conveyor through the spiral hopper unloader and transported to the rear. The L-shaped reclaiming head can be rotated, and the boom can be pitched and rotated. Through automatic control, it can ensure that the reclaiming head moves according to a certain route.

  Compared with the traditional grab ship unloader, the characteristics of chain bucket ship unloader, its main advantages are:

  1. High ship unloading efficiency: The average ship unloading efficiency of the ship unloader included in the clearing stage can reach more than 0.55~0.60 of the rated productivity, while the grab ship unloader is usually only 0.45~0.50.

  2. The pollution to the environment is small: because except for the reclaimer head, the material conveying path is basically closed, and there is no dust.

  Easy to escape. There is no frequent braking operation during work, so the noise is not too big.

  3. Low energy consumption: According to statistics, the specific energy consumption is 1MJ/t~1.26MJ/t, while the grab ship unloader is 1.62MJ/t~1.8MJ/t.

  4. Small quality: its quality is generally smaller than that of grab ship unloaders (especially crane-type grab ship unloaders) with the same outreach and productivity.

  5. Work smoothly: because it is a continuous working method.

  6. The operation is easy to realize automation: the unloader's reclaiming process on each working surface is similar, so the operation is convenient and it is easy to realize semi-automation and automation.

  The chain bucket ship unloader can be used to unload limestone, coal, cement clinker, silicate, ore, raw sugar and other materials. The current large ship unloading productivity has exceeded 2000t/h, and the larger ship type is 100,000 tons. Class sea boat.

  The main structure and classification of the chain bucket ship unloader

  The chain bucket ship unloader is mainly composed of the following parts: chain bucket reclaiming and lifting mechanism, bucket elevator slewing mechanism, reclaiming mechanism, boom slewing mechanism, boom tilting mechanism, walking mechanism, belt conveyor system,, Metal structure.

  The chain-bucket ship unloader is usually divided into two categories according to the structural characteristics of the reclaiming and lifting part. One is that the reclaiming and lifting are realized by the same mechanism, and the other is that the reclaiming and lifting are realized by their respective mechanisms.

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