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Arc orbit ship loader

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Arc orbit ship loader

  Product Introduction

  The movable-type ship loader is a kind of the bulk materials machin ery which is used for loading the bulk materials in the rf.The ordinary ship loader is composed of cantilever crane,cantilever crane belt conveyor,flexible chute tube,tripper car,traveling device gantry,Tower pitching device,etc.

  Performance features

  1、The complete machine can be operated along whith the wharf whith favorable maneuverability,flexible operation mode and strong adaptability of ship type。

  2、Considering that the cantilever crane can only make pitching and extension-retraction m nt to cooperate with the drive and bearing,as a result,the complete machine becomes more simple and portabe n of chute tube,it can save the slewing manufacturing process to reduce the manufacturing and processing difficulty and and the whole machine is more simple and light.

  3.The machine is inclined to apply herringbone structure,adopt the tubular profiles to serve as the main stress components,ject the plate-girder welding structure,therefore,the plate shearing welding and other procedures are reduced in the manufacturing process to reduce the manufacturing and processing difficulty and shorten the manufacturing period.

  4.It applies the flexitble chute tube to reduce the dust polution during the ship loading.

  5.The complete machine is intensively contolled by PLC,of which the main mechanisms apply the frequency control mode to make the mechanism realize stable operation without impact。

  Technical Parameters

Arc orbit ship loader

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