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Portal crane

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Portal crane

  Product Introduction

  It can be equipped with container automatic spreaders,hooks or grabs for loading and unloading of containers,groceries or bulk cargo.The whole machine adopts AC frequency conversion speed regulation and PLC control,and is equipped with intelligent Chinese “Status Monitoring Control Screen".It realizes fault monitoring and provides troubles hooting assistance;realizes dynamic monitoring of operating status and provides dynamic change graphic display;it also

  has safety information alarm,lubrication maintenance management help and a manned dialogue window.

  Liting weight:5t~100t;Working range:6m-80m;Working.level:A5~A8.

  Performance features

  1.The rope stabilizing device with various structure forms has good rope stabilizing effect and can significantly restrain the swinging of the spreader.

  2.Double computer cooperative operation technology has high control accuracy and good cooperative effect.

  3.The hinge point of the boom moves up to realize the wire rope winding smoothly,prolong the service life of the wire rope,and facilitate the maintenance

  4.Automatic turning and following technology of container spreader improves working efficiency and safety.

  5.Electric energy feedback technology,energy saving and environmental protection.

  6.Various safety measures such as gale alarm and safety dynarnic scarning are complete.

  Technical Parameters

Portal crane

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