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What is a ship loader?

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  What is a ship loader? A ship loader is mainly a large bulk material machinery that needs to be used when loading a bulk material terminal. Its components mainly include a mast, a tower, a pitching device, a transition belt conveyor for a slewing device, and a telescopic chute. , Chaser, walking device, etc.

What is a ship loader?

Ship loaders are generally continuous loading operations with high efficiency. In addition, ship loaders play a vital role in the high-speed, stable, concentrated and rolling development of metallurgy, port, energy, power and other industries, especially some bulk material distribution centers. At present, with the development of Global trade integration, port trade is becoming more and more developed, which increases the demand for bulk cargo transport ships. With the construction of large ports that can dock and unload these large ships, there is a demand for bulk cargo handling equipment. Therefore, the development trend of ship loaders is also obvious.

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