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Introduction of mobile ship loader

writer:click:9573 datetime:2021-07-07

  What is a ship loader? Everyone may be very unfamiliar, but it is not unfamiliar to the terminal staff. The ship loader is an important equipment for bulk cargo loading at a large port bulk terminal. Its main parameters include production efficiency, The pitch angle, the working speed of each mechanism, the telescopic distance of the boom, etc. also include the installed capacity, gauge, base distance, etc. After a brief understanding of the ship loader, the next editor will introduce the mobile ship loader. What I mainly introduce today is its performance characteristics.

Introduction of mobile ship loader

  First of all, the mobile ship loader can run along the wharf, with good maneuverability, flexible operation, and strong applicability to the ship type. Secondly, the mobile ship loader can be extended and retracted through the boom during operation. Cooperate with the cart to change the loading position of the chute, so that the link of slewing drive and slewing support can be omitted, and the whole machine is simpler and lighter. In addition, the mobile ship loader model adopts It is a herringbone structure, using tubular profiles as the main force-bearing member, and less use of plate-beam welding structure, which can reduce the shearing and welding procedures in the manufacturing process, thereby reducing the difficulty of manufacturing and processing, and shortening the manufacturing cycle.

  There are many other performance characteristics of the mobile ship loader, which will not be introduced here. Wuhu Jiangtai Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer that provides mobile ship loader. Customers in need are welcome to consult and negotiate, and we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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